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Projects - Thiess ALSTOM: Fast Rail

February 2005

Keppel Prince Engineering played a key role in Victoria's largest upgrade of regional rail in the last 120 years. The Regional Fast Rail project involved the upgrading of the Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Latrobe Valley lines.

Keppel Prince were contracted by Thiess Pty Ltd and ALSTOM Australia to supply and deliver the steel pylons for the two bridges over the Moorabool River and Lal Lal Creek.

The Thiess ALSTOM Joint Venture nominated steel pylons instead of concrete because of the benefits they offered in terms of erection and ease of construction.

In contrast to concrete, a steel pier can be erected in a few hours, with no formwork, shuttering, or scaffolding. So the use of steel, in this case, is a quicker erection method, it minimised time on site, exposure to bad weather and therefore risk.

Eight pylons were manufactured for the 275 metre long Moorabool River bridge, ranging from 5.5 metres to 23 metres in height. Ten pylons were manufactured for the 355 metre long bridge at Lal Lal Creek, ranging from 10.6 metres to 33.6 metres high.

The three largest pylons each weighed approximately 77 tonnes and were the heaviest products ever produced in the workshop.

"It's a massive feat - a piece of creative engineering - the bridge is taller than the Bolte Bridge. At 355 metres long, it is more than twice the length of the MCG."
Dan Silkstone, The Age. January 22, 2005

Fast Rail Bridge pylons
Fast Rail Bridge pylons