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March 2018


August 2012 - Ongoing

Keppel Prince installed our first large commercial solar system in November 2011, 16,500W at the Merino School in South West Victoria.

Since then, Keppel Prince has installed another 52 commercial systems, totalling around 1.53MW in total capacity in sizes ranging from 8,000W through to 99,999W.

In 2018 Keppel Prince has looked to extend our reach into larger systems that are increasingly being seen as viable alternatives to expensive grid supplied electricity.  We are currently negotiating projects up 400,000W in capacity.

Any questions regarding commercial solar can be directed to:

Business Unit Manager

Mike Noske on 03 55238838  or 0427 235 436

Portland and Hamilton Area

John Lippelgoes - Solar Projects Co-ordinator on 03 55238872 or 0404 800 260

Goulburn Valley Area

Geoff Lodge, CEO, GV Community Energy on 0417 206 722

Hamish Stammers, Solar Projects Co-ordinator on 0457 208 644



Keppel Prince Commercial Solar
Keppel Prince Commercial Solar 2