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Projects - Portland Solar Project

December 2012

Portland’s Keppel Prince Engineering launched a new community solar project in Portland Victoria in 2012 to help local households install solar photovoltaic systems before the Australian Government cut the Solar Multiplier rebate on 31st December, 2012.

Peter Reefman was Keppel Prince's contact at the time to explain how solar can help lower electricity costs, how best to take advantage of subsidies, and why time is limited to access subsidies. He can also explain the significant advantages of installing your system, and what solar subsidies apply from January 2013.


Steve Garner, Keppel Prince's General Manager said “this project was a great opportunity to once again help local households get their own solar power, while also creating ongoing local employment”.


Keppel Prince installed approximately up to 20 systems before the end of 2012.


Since beginning to install solar systems in 2011, Keppel Prince has installed approximately 700 systems across Victoria, with over 300 in South West Victoria.


Any questions regarding solar can be directed to Mike Noske, Keppel Prince Solar Systems Projects Coordinator on 03 5523 8838, Mobile: 0427 235 436 or Email:


Keppel Prince Portland Solar