Keppel Prince


Innovative solutions for all kinds of challenges

Keppel Prince Engineering has applied engineering excellence to many major industrial projects spanning a huge range of industries.

Today, no matter what sector we’re working in, our underlying goal is to build and maintain a sustainable future for our customers, our business, the environment and the community.

Our experience includes:

  • Renewable Energy

    Experienced in wind, solar, wave and hydro renewable energy solutions
  • Energy & Resources

    Fabrication and maintenance for oil, gas and electricity sectors
  • Telecommunications

    Towers, infrastructure and component supply for major telecommunications networks
  • Infrastructure

    Engineering, construction and installation work on roads, railways and bridges
  • Offshore

    Experienced in offshore engineering for the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors
  • Aluminium

    Long-term maintenance and full service partnership with Portland Aluminium Smelter
  • Agriculture

    Specialist equipment for sectors including dairy, forestry, wine and fishing
  • Marine

    World-class ship and equipment repair, refurbishment and maintenance services
  • Process Engineering

    Design, implementation and maintenance of industrial processes and facilities
  • Electrical

    Electrical contracting, air conditioning, refrigeration and maintenance work
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