Keppel Prince

Sectors - Electrical

Company Overview

Electrical Contracting, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

In our Electrical Contracting Division, we employ approximately 10 A-grade electricians, 2 licensed refrigeration mechanics and 1 electrical apprentice.


Technical Competence

Maintenance Work

Our largest ongoing contract is the maintenance contract for the 500kV, 220kV, 33kV and 22kV switchyards and the 22kv & 11kV distribution network at Portland Aluminium.

As well as the high voltage work we perform all manner of electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance tasks on a wide variety of equipment throughout the smelter. This varies from lighting work, to industrial & PLC control work to low voltage, heavy current installations.

Data work includes PLC installation and fibre-optic communication installations.




Sectors Electrical