Keppel Prince

Green Energy - Wave Power

Wave energy is a relatively new and emerging technology.  We are working with various clients to move confidently into this market.

The world Energy Council has estimated that the market potential for wave energy could be up to 2,000TWh per year.  This is more than all wind power projects combined.

A report released by the CSIRO in 2010 stated that the southern coastline of Australia has one of the strongest wave regimes in the world suitable for the extraction of wave energy.  With this in mind and the deep sea port of Portland at our doorstep we are in the perfect location to be involved with the growing wave energy market.

Given our experience within the wind power field it is a natural progression for us to be involved in the fabrication and engineering of this exciting, sustainable, clean and commercially viable green power technology.  Our large capacity workshops and protective coating capabilities mean we are ideally prepared for upcoming wave energy fabrication projects.