Keppel Prince

Green Energy

Green initiatives for a cleaner future

In line with our global parent Keppel Corporation, Keppel Prince Engineering is continuing to focus on building and maintaining a sustainable future for Australia and the world.

We firmly believe in balancing sustainable economic development with our social, community and environmental responsibilities. We are acting on this belief within our internal business operations and across the projects we develop for our customers.

We’ve built our business on renewable energy.

Since 2001 we have been Australia’s largest producer of wind towers and erection for wind farms. Today, we offer specialist engineering solutions for the renewable energy industry with years of experience in covering wind energy and now moving into wave, and solar energy.

Globally, our Keppel Group offer in-depth expertise in water and solid waste thermal cleaning, converting sludge waste to green energy and fertiliser, and the recycling and re-use of rainwater.

Internally, the Group have embarked on a company-wide program to reduce CO2 emissions, minimise waste, save energy through energy efficient facilities and environmentally-friendly technologies, and ensure the most efficient and high quality processes.

We can’t do this on our own. By leading the way with the best new technologies and latest engineering practices, we are engaging our strategic partners, suppliers and customers to come with us on this long-term journey.
It’s a smarter solution for everyone.

Customers get more efficient solutions. Suppliers are supported to adopt industry leading practices. Employees embrace being part of a team contributing to their local community. Investors enjoy strong long-term returns driven by the growing demand for sustainable energy and development.

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