Keppel Prince

Highlights - 2008 in Review

The 2008 year saw new records being set for Keppel Prince Engineering.

Our revenue rose again 43% taking it above $100 million for the first time in the company’s history. The work performed for Portland Aluminium and Alcoa was maintained around 41% of total revenue, with wind energy work occupying almost 52% at just on $57 million.
Keppel Prince spent in excess of $8 million on capital during 2008, including acquisition of two new cranes and expansion of the wind tower production line. During 2008 we also purchased the building previously owned by Vestas (and used as their blade factory). This now houses our fabrication workshop where we were able to build the large bridge beams for John Holland
Keppel Prince‘s manpower exceeded 550 during 2008 at the peak, but has recently fallen back below 500 by year end.